In Parliament

An investigation by Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, has revealed that local authorities (LAs), across the country are failing to use powers to reduce business rates for local companies. The findings reinforce figures provided by the Department of Communities and Local Government in a written answer to MPs.

Speaking in a debate on energy prices, Margot James welcomes the Scottish and Southern Energy price freeze which has been possible as a result of the Government’s policies.

Speaking in the Budget debate, Margot James backs the Government’s economic strategy which have enabled the Chancellor to support exporters, manufacturers, taxpayers, savers and pensioners in the Budget.

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Proud of Stourbridge

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, has congratulated local businessmen Stuart Goodings and Stuart Caldicott on the launch of their new glass enterprise, ‘Past Glass’, at the Red House Glass Cone.

‘Past Glass’ recycles old bottles into crafted household and decorative items for sale. It is operated alongside the pair’s two other successful businesses which produce clocks and military jewellery.

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, has praised the efforts of staff and pupils in a local primary school, who have been so successful in raising funds for charity that they have had to raise their target.

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, has praised the dedication of Mark Ashbourne and Tim Cox who are embarking on a 74 mile walk in aid of the D’Oliveira Foundation.

18th May 2012

The programme will encourage students to undertake exercise out of school hours and stay healthy.

‘I was delighted to hear about the grant. This is just the latest example of Stourbridge schools being proactive and innovative in order to provide good educational facilities for their students’.