In Parliament

Speaking in a wide-ranging debate on International Women’s Day, Margot James welcomes the number of women starting businesses, calls for more prosecutions for FGM and for more women to enter engineering careers.

Speaking in a debate held as a result of an e-petition, Margot James backs calls for Harvey’s Law - which would compel Highways Agency and council staff to try to identify pets killed on the roads.

Margot James questions the Government on steps taken to close tax loopholes left open by the last Government when aggressive tax avoidance flourished.

Proud of Stourbridge

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, has congratulated the Stourbridge based founder of a local charity on her receipt of an award from the Prime Minister.

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, has congratulated the team at St Thomas’s Church in Market Street in the town centre.

Margot has offered her congratulations to a voluntary group from Stourbridge which has received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.


8th September 2015

I have received approximately 130 emails, letters and calls about the Assisted Dying Bill which will be debated in Parliament this Friday. [read more] about Assisted Dying

3rd November 2014

A poll published by the Observer recently found that 31% of the public would vote for UKIP if they felt the party had a chance of winning the constituency in which they lived. Given the amount of airtime UKIP have had recently perhaps we should be encouraged by the implication that more than two thirds of the public would not vote for UKIP under any circumstance. [read more] about Immigration debate puts UK's reputation at risk

8th September 2014

Margot James writes for ConservativeHome

Almost a hundred years ago, at the same time as Sykes and Picot were drawing up national boundaries in the Middle East to be “administered” by Britain and France, the British Government was promising the leader of the Hashemites, and guardian of the holy places of Mecca, an independent Arab state in return for Arab support against Turkey in the Great War. [read more] about Understanding must accompany any military intervention in the Middle East

25th August 2014

Margot James said there would be a debate on the Syria whether or not Parliament is recalled. [read more] about There will be a debate on Syria in Parliament

19th July 2014

Margot James argued that the promotion of women in the recent reshuffle masked more deep-seated problems of a lack of female representation in the Conservative party. [read more] about We need to get more women into government

9th July 2014

Margot James said it was not legitimate that questions were being raised about the appointment of Lady Butler-Sloss as head of the inquiry into child abuse. [read more] about I would support criminal sanctions against people who cover up abuse

3rd June 2014

Margot James writes for ConservativeHome

The recent report from the Adam Smith Institute about UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) was flawed in several respects. Press coverage last week pointed out that although the report might have been right to criticise bureaucratic waste in the agency, UKTI needs help rather than a hammering if we are to have any hope of rebalancing our economy towards exports. [read more] about How UKTI is helping our exporters

8th May 2014

Margot James writes for The House Magazine...

Last December I co-led a trade mission to Brazil with Dr Neil Bentley, former deputy director of the CBI. The mission comprised twenty SMEs in sectors identified as priorities in Brazil: energy, defence, infrastructure and consumer goods. We came away inspired by the huge opportunities that exist in a country as big as the USA, but with our reality glasses on given the scale of the challenge. [read more] about A View to Brazil

8th May 2014

Last December I co-led a trade mission to Brazil with Dr Neil Bentley, former deputy director of the CBI. [read more] about A View to Brazil

7th April 2014

Margot James writes for Politics Home

The budget gave a big boost to trade finance. The amount of lending available from UK Export Finance (UKEF) doubled to £3bn, and the rate of interest charged on that lending was reduced by a third. UKEF are now able to guarantee finance at the lowest rate of interest permitted for any country under OECD rules. At last Britain has a competitive trade finance offer. [read more] about Time for Britain to catch up and trade with Brazil

20th March 2014

Margot James writes for The Manufacturer

Trade figures are volatile. We ended last year with a trade deficit of £1 billion for the month of December. Although that was the best monthly result for many years, it was not sustained during the start of this year. During 2013, as a whole, exports grew by just under one per cent. So we have much work to do if we are to hit the government target of doubling UK exports to £1 trillion by 2020. [read more] about An Osborne budget for business, exports and manufacturing

6th February 2014

Margot James said the Tories still had a long way to go in the representation of women in their party. [read more] about Tories have a long way to go on women representation

10th October 2013

It is ironic that a seafaring nation with a great trading history should find itself coming from behind in the competition for the new growth markets of the world. [read more] about Where Next? Growing the UK export market

10th October 2013

It has been almost a year since the Prime Minister announced that there will be a re-negotiation of our relationship with the EU followed by a referendum on Britain’s membership in 2017. [read more] about Reforming Britain’s relationship with Europe

3rd October 2013

Overall a very good conference, the mood was pretty upbeat with a stimulating and wide range of fringe events. [read more] about Margot’s Diary from Party Conference

4th September 2013

Margot writes for Politics Home...

The shock vote by Parliament last week and the subsequent decision by President Obama to seek congressional approval for military strikes against the Syrian regime have given us pause for reflection. [read more] about Standing up for international order on Syria and a further vote this month

26th May 2013
Margot James MP: How to keep older people out of A & E - and also improve their care

Margot James writes for ConservativeHome | ConHome

Attendance at A&E has increased by 50 per cent in the past decade, hospitals face ever-greater pressure on this department, and knock-on effects across their services. During the Easter recess, I did some research and met two NHS Trust CEOs, the Chair of my local Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group, the regional director of NHS Direct and the CEO of the West Midlands Ambulance Trust. They confirmed that many cancellations of elective procedures were directly caused by unusually high numbers of urgent cases coming through A&E. So it is imperative that we understand the issues driving this surge in attendance. [read more] about Margot James MP: How to keep older people out of A & E - and also improve their care

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